World-class burger enthusiasts, the owners of Burgerhaus approached us with plans to launch new locations.

Their ‘travel-themed’ burgers fused ingredients from different worldwide destinations in a family-friendly atmosphere. But before expanding, they recognized that their branding didn’t have the same quality standard as their delicious, delicious fare. If there’s one thing the Midwest offers, it’s limitless burger options to choose from; people needed to experience everything that made Burgerhaus different.


Drawing inspiration from the founders of storied Explorer’s Clubs, we carefully refined Burgerhaus’ original concept. Their menu items weren’t merely ‘well-travelled’ tastes; they were the result of exploration. Following our creation of semi-fictional adventurer / founder, ‘J.E. Burghstein,’ we wrote what would become, not only a memorable tagline, but the epitome of Burgerhaus’ culture: ‘The Finest In The Known World.’ 

We forged a new logo, choosing to display it in copper – historically associated with culinary excellence. Redesigning & rewriting their menu from scratch, we suggested that they pair each burger with a beer or wine selection. This not only enhanced & complimented flavors, but also dramatically increased the underperforming sales of their spirits.

We also conceived a new sub-brand for their Kids’ menu with the Burgerhaus ‘Go! Club’: ‘The Funnest In The Known World,’ allowing for a more peaceful (even if ever-so-slightly) atmosphere for patrons with young children. Through our research, we also identified opportunities to improve interactions with their servers. We developed the ‘Study Abroad Programme,’ a set of materials / guidelines to educate & inspire servers to be well-versed in everything they serve.

Full belly campaign

We set out to create an innovative solution to one of society’s most pressing social problems… world hunger.  Ironically, by trade, Burgerhaus feeds people.  The full belly full heart campaign strategically partnered Burgerhaus with locally headquartered nonprofit, Kids Alive International.  For every meal purchased at Burgerhaus, a meal is provided to a child in a third-world country.  Together, we specifically chose to partner with Kids Alive as it would maximize exposure locally yet feed children in over 13 countries world-wide.