Lakeside Wealth Management


There hasn’t been much to hang your hat on, in terms of positive consumer feelings about the financial industry as of late. Understandably so, recent years have persuaded many of us to proverbially keep it under the mattress. We got excited about working with Lakeside Wealth because we believe that they are a truly different kind of financial company. Refreshingly personable, transparent & generous with their time & resources, they relate to people earning ten dollars an hour, the same as they would to people earning ten million a year. They do what they do to ensure that their clients are financially secure to live the kind of life they’ve always wanted. After several weeks of conversation, we forged the central idea that would become not only their tagline, but the touchstone that would inform every corner of their brand & their culture. This is a company that wealth is about more than just making money, it’s about ‘Making More of Life.’