Crimson Trace

Tapping into global demand for
precision targeting.



Crimson Trace partnered with +WeCreate Media to both rebrand as well as launch its first product line under new parent company American Outdoor Brands (formerly Smith & Wesson Holding Company). Together, we forged an elevated brand identity and activations, positioning Crimson Trace to leverage its position as American Outdoor Brands’ new Electro-Optics Division and grow its share of the global $1 billion electro-optics market.

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Product Design
Strategic Partner
Agency of Record


Cross-generational impact.

For 25+ years, Crimson Trace has been the dominant force in manufacturing laser sights for firearms. To inspire loyalists while also engaging a fresh audience of elite firearm enthusiasts, we crafted transcendent assets. Crimson Trace laser-optics: Because while the human eye is limited, vision is limitless.

Values-driven verticals.

Speaking into the truth of why people own guns, we harnessed users’ values to advance product categories. Print and digital storytelling affirmed responsible gun owners who, in the moments that matter most, want to rely on no one but themselves.


Testimonial speaking to your strategic, out-of-the-box thinking…and also that you are a one-stop-shop 

Sam Smith,
VP of Operations