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White Lodging is now aware of the overwhelming number of millennials that now comprise today’s workforce, and they recognize how vital this generation is, and will be to the future of their company.  Stats show that 36% of the current workforce are millennials, increasing steadily to 75% by 2025.

This project will be executed for the purpose of creating a better presence to millennials in the employee pool of the White Lodging workforce. By creating a more engaging brand image in the eyes of their target employee, White Lodging will achieve this goal with the designated products and services that +WeCreate Media will deliver. Developing their current values from what they are currently stated as, to what White Lodging aspires to stand for.

Key Performance Indicators will be:
(1) increasing the number of qualified A-Player leads; 
(2) increasing the percentage of those A-Players to correct jobs; and
(3) retaining and promoting those A-Players within White Lodging Services.



Rise Within.

New Brand Message

White Lodging is the nation’s leader in the hospitality industry. We invest in our future by fostering the growth of
adventurous, innovative, team-minded-individuals that continue to shape our culture of excellence. 

What does the new tagline Rise Within mean?

Rise Within speaks to the movement of growth - both as a company and as an individual.   The tagline is approachable and offers a positive message of hope.  It speaks to the aspiring millennial and the company’s commitment to their employee’s future.  The statement empowers individuals to be adventurous, encouraging advancement.  Rise Within is a statement that White Lodging could take on as a mantra, taking great pride at all levels of their employment and service offerings. 

Target audience

Millennials (Generation Y)

Estimated Ages 20-35
Male & Female
25% of U.S. Population
1 in 3 not Caucasian
By 2025 they will make up 75% of the workforce
Almost 1 in 4 have Bachelor’s degrees (most educated generation)
Behavioral:  Efficient, Entrepreneurial, Confident, Empowered.

Millennials want a sense of purpose.  They care more about the results than dedicated hours.  Millennials believe in a work/life integration - blending their work life and social life.  Value is placed in the work they produce and many define their lifestyle around a career choice.  The desire to work in an open atmosphere is prevalent as creating community ranks among the top priorities for this generation.


People are driven by emotion over reason. We make decisions because they do or don’t ‘feel’ right. Great stories inspire emotion - which is why they travel so much faster & further than business-speak. Together, we’ll give your story a voice that people will feel & care about, rather than just casually observe.

After diving into our initial research, we decided to develop a few thoughts, ideas and concepts for White Lodging.  We are excited about what we have thus far and can’t help but think of the possibilities if given the opportunity to develop these further.

Misconceptions & truth

Myth: Millennials only want to work at Facebook or Google. 

Truth: Payscale and Millennial Branding’s research shows millennials actually prefer working for small companies, because, according to Schawbel, they offer “more flexibility, an opportunity to embrace their entrepreneurial ambitions and the opportunity to use social networks at work without strict corporate guidelines.” For people looking to bring these young stars on board, use social media to reach out to millennial job candidates, and create an online presence that conveys your company culture as a fun, flexible and energetic place to attract Gen Y.


Myth: Millennials can’t tear themselves away from their smartphones or Facebook long enough to hold a
conversation with clients or co-workers.  

Truth: A Cornerstone study discovered that millennials -- often stereotyped as the always-on, tech-connected generation -- are actually more overwhelmed by technology in the workplace than Gen X or Boomers. In fact, they actually prefer to work in-person, rather than remotely.
Millennials grew up in a world of mobile devices, social media and no boundaries between work and life. Sometimes, it can get a little overwhelming. Although this generation does value workplace flexibility and do expect to be able to work whenever and wherever they choose, the E&Y study found they’re more collaborative than any other generation.  Working in teams is easier (and more fun) when you’re all in the same room, so make sure you provide plenty of opportunities for your millennial employees to do what they do best: work together -- IRL (that’s “in real life” for you boomers).


Myth: Having the attention span of a 5-year-old. 

Truth: In Corporate America, budding entrepreneurs often feel a sordid combination of drained and bored. They say we have short attention spans, but any millennial will tell you that when we are passionate about something, we can fixate on it for hours on end. So maybe it’s less boredom and more an inability to “stick it out” in a job we don’t enjoy.
Chinese philosopher Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” By choosing to pursue what we enjoy and are interested in -- even if that changes from time to time -- we can be an asset to any company.


Myth: Poor Work Ethic

Truth: Generation Y is the first generation to expect -- from day one -- employers to realize there is more to life than work. Just as many Baby Boomers are now discovering later in their careers, Generation Y sees work as a means to enjoy life -- and life comes first. They have a strong work ethic -- just not in a 9-5 sort of way. Generation Y wants work to be fun and flexible because the line between work and life is seamless. (In other words, there is no such thing as work-life balance because it's all just one thing.) Generation Y also follows a mantra of working smarter, not harder.

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