Rusted Oak

Gentlemen should dress well.



We all come from different walks of life and in our own way, many of us have struggled to maintain a sense of dignity while trying to climb the ladder of success, whatever that may be. No one said it would easy, but along the way we’ve gained a set of values, built relationships, discovered the value of integrity and learned the importance of humility. In achieving our dreams and goals, it’s also important that we understand the value of self worth. Without that, it’s hard to move forward in anything we hope to accomplish


Interior Design


High-touch design.

For Rusted Oak, we stand firm on the belief that living well is one of the most important things to strive for - what’s the point in dressing well, if you’re not living well? It’s simply a mask, a cover up for a tortured soul. No, we believe that dressing well should be a reflection of a life already being well lived. We all have struggles, but we can choose whether or not to wear those struggles or simply face them. Doing so will empower us to move forward and why not dress well while doing it?

Gentlemen values.

In a world of SWAGS , YOLOS & turn down for what’s…we lost ourselves. Letting the modern world affect our morals or who we are. Call me old-fashioned but the lady in our lives deserve doors opened and chairs pulled out not because she is helpless or weak but because she is valuable and worthy of respect.

Creating deep roots.

Rusted Oak is rooted in the foundation of being a strong man, a person of class, and a true gentleman. The bottom line is that the way we dress affects the way we think, feel, and act. Rusted Oak’s brand marries the gentleman and the spirit of our style. In our eyes, good manners not only include a chivalrous heart but the essential rule of dressing well. Rusted Oak gives men a reason to be confident but not arrogant, to have etiquette and eagerly welcome the return of the gentleman.

“Those who reject design for design’s sake, but revere design that enhances functionality and creates memorable moments; those who want a hotel to be a fun and coherent experience, not a sequence of formalized rituals.”

Mitchell Hochberg,
President of Lightstone,
Owner, Moxy brand